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vegetable garden beef strips
cappuccino of porcini mushrooms
stewed artichocke
confit of mackerel
fried octopus
tagliatella style strips of squid
sardine flan
prawn cocktail 2.0

First courses

rolled crespelle pasta pork ragł and ragusano cream
beef ravioli, porcini mushrooms cream and piacentinu ennese cheese
creste di gallo pasta with creamed salted codfish and chard sauce
pumpkin gnocchetti in fish stew
Fresh spaghetti with a San Pietro fish ragu and tuna eggs
Cavatelli pasta in broth
Trapanese cuscusu with fish soup

Second courses

Black belly pork coocked at low
porchetta style stuffed rabbit
modicana beef stew
warm seafood salad
brill in bellavista
Grilled octopus tentacles
salted codfish, savoy cabbage, black lentils and almonds
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+39 0923 23.194